How the Norwich Philharmonic is run

The Constitution which sets down how the Norwich Philharmonic should be run is available here.
Essentially it requires the Society to be run by a Committee, elected each year at an Annual General Meeting.
The current Committee membership is listed below, together with contact details, where appropriate:

Position Name Tel No. eMail
Patron [new patron under discussion]    
President Antony Jarrold    
Chairman Caroline Dixey    
Vice-Chairman Judy Tryggvason    
Society Secretary Sue Mitchell 01603 451692
Assistant Society Secretary Elaine Shaw    
Treasurer Kate Anetts  
Choir Conductor David Dunnett    
Choir Secretary Sally West-Lindell 01603 449156
Choir Representative Alex Atherton    
Choir Representative Peter Phillips    
Orchestra Secretary Rob Barnes 01508 521029
Orchestra Subcommittee Chairman Mike Nutt    
Orchestra Representative Caroline Furniss    
Orchestra Representative Ron Jackson    
Friends Secretary Kate Anetts  
Front of House Manager Sue Prutton    
Public Representative Robin Wetheral    
Public Representative [vacancy]    
Norfolk Music Services Representative Alison Corfield, Gillian Shaw    


There are also three Sub Committees: Orchestra, Choir and Publicity, current memberships listed below:

Orchestra Sub Committee: Mike Nutt (Chairman), Judy Tryggvason (Sub Committee Secretary), Rob Barnes (Orchestra Secretary), Caroline Furniss (Orchestra Librarian), Ron Jackson (Strings representative), (Woodwind representative- tba), Laurence Thistlewood (Brass representative).

Choir Sub Committee: Caroline Dixey (Chairman) Sue Mitchell (Sub Committee Secretary), David Dunnett, Sally West-Lindell, Elaine Shaw, Alex Atherton (Choral Representative) and Peter Phillips (Choral Representative).

Publicity Sub Committee: Caroline Dixey (Chairman), Elaine Shaw (Sub Committee Secretary), Moira Eagling, Michelle Martin, Sue Mitchell, Andy Newman, Sally West-Lindell, Judy Tryggvason.

The Society is a member of Making Music (formerly the National Federation of Music Societies, NFMS), and is a registered charity (No. 264425).