Video and audio recordings

From time to time, members of the Phil and our audiences record some of the music we perform. These are mostly amateur efforts. They're not perfect - just a few moments captured from some good times. Enjoy!

(professional recording)
v1: last 3m30s - audio and video
v2: last 15mins - audio and single image
xmas 2012Beginning of Mahler symphony No 8, 21st May 2016 Norwich Showground
Mahler Symphony No 2 Rehearsal, 5 November 2010 Mahler Symphony No.8
brahms applause 2011 20 March 2011 Brahms German Requiem
Selig sind, die da Leid tragen (excerpt)
5 July 2012, Pulls Ferry
Olympic Torch send-off
Brahms German Requiem, Pulls Ferry send off.